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7 days

Itinerary: Minsk-Nalibokskay Forest-Dudutki-Mir-Neshwizh-Brest-Belowezhskay Forest

Tour program

1 day. – Arrival to Minsk. Transfer to the hotel  «Yubileyny».

2 day.  Minsk city tour. Bus -walking excursion in Minsk.

Minskis the capital of the Republic of Belarus. Troitskoye Predmestye (Trinity Suburb) – the historic center of Minsk’s old town with houses of XVIII — XIX centuries, the Upper Town with the Town Hall and  Holy Spirit Cathedral. In this territory you can visit a lot of interesting places such as: The Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary, shopping alley, and the ancient part of Nemiga area.The island of tears in the bend of the river Svisloch and the memorial complex «To the Sons of the Fatherland».

3 day.   Excursion « Volozin present»

Visiting eco-museum «Honey world» (tasting herbal tea, pancakes with honey).

Vasily Frolov, the owner of the eco-museum, is an educator by training, who unusually and fascinatingly tells tourists about the life of bees. The Eco-Museum has been visited by several thousand tourists. Thematic programs for children, schoolchildren, students and adults are developed and offered. As a bonus, Vasily treats his guests with herbal tea with pancakes and honey. In addition, he collaborates with local masters in ceramics and dolls, whose products are sold in the estate. Anyone can buy flavored honey and other bee products.

Transfer to Naliboskaya Forest.

Nalibokskaya Forest is the largest forest in northwestern Belarus, which is located on the right bank of the Neman River. This is a whole «country in the country», rich in myths and historical and cultural images. Nalibokskaya flora is unusually diverse and richer than the flora of any of the reserves of Belarus. Also, the Pushcha is called “a territory important for birds”. And bison here is no less than in the widely known Belovezhskaya Forest. We suggest you walk along the wild paths of the Nalibokskaya Forest and learn what “green hunting” is.

Picnic in the forest. (extra payment, around 10-15 euro per pax). Arrival in the village of Epimahi.

Visit to the manor «Ganka» (tour of the manor, dinner and performance of the musical group).

The owners of the estate «Ganka» are very creative. For several years now, the tradition of holding musical evenings to which famous musicians from Belarus, Poland and Lithuania have been invited has not been broken. They conduct master classes, arrange live performances and play on old musical instruments. The owner of the estate Anatoly Ganets greets guests, playing the accordion. He also wrote music for the anthem of Belarusian rural tourism.

Return to Minsk

4 day.  Excursion to Dudutki

Dudutki is one of the most popular open-air museums of ethnic culture in Belarus. It is situated on the bank of the river Ptich. Here tourists can enjoy an amazing journey into the atmosphere of the XIX century, they will have the opportunity to spend several hours in measured rural pace and learn the basics of ancient crafts.  An amazing adventure awaits you here – it is going to be a serious excursion with funny moments such as tasting of moonshine, riding a horse and something more.

5 day. Excursion to Mir castle

The most valuable monuments of Belarus are castles and parks of Mir and Nesvizh. These monuments are on the list of the UNESCO cultural heritage.

Mir is a small town in the Grodno region. It is known for its famous castle, one of the UNESCO World Heritage on the territory of Belarus. The castle was built in the XVI century. Its architectural image, heavy walls and towers, picturesque courtyard impress everybody. The construction of this Gothic style castle was started in the 1520s by Duke Ilinich. In 1568 the castle came into the hands of Mikolay Radziwil, who completed it in Renaissance style. You will get acquainted with the gorgeous Mir Castle, ascend one of the towers, visit the museum and the chapel with the tomb.

Lunch. Transfer to Brest. Accommodation in the hotel «Vesta»

 6 day.  Excursion to Brest and Belovezhskaya Forest

Breakfast. Check-out. City tour in Brest — one of the former Soviet Union’s 11 ‘Hero Cities’ of World War II, includes  the visit to the Brest Fortress   which   has been turned into a grandiose memorial to its  immortal defenders( When the Germans invaded in June 1941, the Brest Fortress held out for a month, The Berestye Archaeological Museum  built over the excavated ruins of 13th century Brest’s artisans’ quarter and  The Rescued Values Museum with its exposition of items confiscated from smugglers by Brest customs officials – some 300 old Russian icons (16-20th cent), paintings, pieces made of silver, gold, porcelain, etc.

Excursion to Belovezhskaya Forest listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Now it is a National reservation, where rich plant life and amazing landscape are combined. Here grows the highest fir-tree in Europe, here live powerful aurochs and a great number of animal species. A lot of famous people are associated with this place — brothers Tyszkiewicz and Tyzenhaus, Napoleon and Nicholas II… You will visit the MUSEUM OF NATURE with its amazing exhibitions, FATHER FROST’S ESTATE with numerous buildings and surprises… The Estate is located deep in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, where the feedboxes for aurochs are settled. Here you will find the mansions of Father Frost and Snow Maiden, the storage of Father Frost’s presents «Skarbnitsa» and a mill. You will visit open-air cages with animals and after that you will have free time when you can make some pictures or buy some souvenirs made of wood, clay or straw. Drive to Brest listening to the song «Belovezhskaya Pushcha». On the way to Brest we will make a break in Kamyanyets where the magnificent Tower of Kamyanyets is situated. It was built in 1276, its height is 30 meters. Return to Minsk. Accommodation in the hotel «Yubileyny»

7 day.  Breakfast. Transfer to Airport



The price includes:

city tour Minsk and Brest, excursions to Nalibokskiy Forest, Dududtki, Belovezhskaya Forest with German or English-speaking guide

entry tickets on the routе

lunch in Mir

car/minibus on the route

Accommodation in hotels:

—  «Yubileyny»***, Minsk —  TWIN  BB

— «Vesta»***, Brest —  TWIN BB


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