Mir and Nesvizh

Mir and Nesvizh

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The most valuable monuments of Belarus are castles and parks of Mir and Nesvizh. These monuments are on the list of the UNESCO cultural heritage.


Mir is a small town in the Grodno region. It is known for its famous castle, one of the UNESCO World Heritage on the territory of Belarus. The castle was built in the XVI century. Its architectural image, heavy walls and towers, picturesque courtyard impress everybody. The construction of this Gothic style castle was started in the 1520s by Duke Ilinich. In 1568 the castle came into the hands of Mikolay Radziwil, who completed it in Renaissance style. You will get acquainted with the gorgeous Mir Castle, ascend one of the towers, visit the museum and the chapel with the tomb.

Nesvizh is one of the most important in the history of the Great Duchy of Lithuania the town, surmounted by a crowned eagle, the Radziwills, the most powerful barons of the Principality. Nesvizh Palace and Park complex, a UNESCO world heritage site, with versatile architecture and the largest landscape Park. Inspection of the Palace and castle ensemble built by the project of Italian architect Giovanni Bernardoni, the man who was involved in the construction and reconstruction of the famous Cathedral of Peter and Paul in Rome. Tour of the halls of the castle: a Large dining, Small dining, Ballroom. A system of fortifications, transforming the Palace into an impregnable fortress, considered one of the most advanced fortresses of Europe. Nesvizh Park, each corner of which is filled with mysterious legends and myths. Farny Church (XVI century), the first in Eastern Europe monument in the Baroque style, the tomb of the Radziwill noble family.

The price for group excursion is 55 USD with entry tickets and lunch (every Thursday)

The price for individual excursion is 380 USD. (max 3 pax)