There are two ways to get TOURIST VISA:


At the embassy you should present:

  1. Your passport which must be valid 3 months beyond intended stay
  2. One passport size photo
  3. One visa application form completed and signed
  4. Visa support documents from a Belarusian tourist company: voucher and invitation.


Also it’s possible to get the Tourist visa at the National airport Minsk on arrival (only for countries that don’t have belarusian embassies). There is a Consular office there. This way of getting visa is very convenient especially for those who live far from the Belarusian embassy and short of time, but the visa fee is double comparing to Embassy. In this case we will issue and ship original visa support documents to the Consular office in the airport at least 4 day prior your arrival.

After your plane lands the airport officer will show you the way to the Consular point where you will fill in visa application form, then pay visa fee and get visa stamped into your passport. You will need:

  1. Your passport which must be valid 3 months beyond intended stay;
  2. One passport size photo;
  3. One visa application form completed and signed;
  4. Visa fee (cash payment only, EUR and USD are only currencies to be accepted) Please make sure that banknotes are not torn, never been wet or have ink marks on them.

Visa will be stamped into your passport.

NOTE!!! Only by request, not for all passports.

To apply for the Visa support documents, please e-mail us following:
— Full Name
— Passport number, issue and expiry date
— Date and place of Birth
— Citezenship
— Dates for visa (dates of staying in Belarus)
— Place of issuing of Visa (Embassy or Airport Minsk)
— Job position
— Name of the company, main activity of the company, its address and phone number
— Home address
— Contact phone number